Simple Ways To Celebrate Spring

My two favorite seasons are Fall and SPRING! I love Spring! After three or four gray months, colorful leaves and flowers awaken from their winter slumber. I get so excited when I see those first lime green buds appear on the bare skeletons of the trees around our home. It’s an awakening. This year is a little different but the way we can honor this glorious season doesn’t have to be. We can still find simple ways to celebrate Spring while practicing social distancing.

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Walk in a Park

Simple Ways To Celebrate Spring

Many parks and beaches are still open so take advantage of the outdoors and find a new park to explore. Find a park that allows pets and bring your buddy along for a special walk. Don’t forget to bring your camera to take pictures along the way. Of course, you can always use your phone. I swear, my phone sometimes takes better pictures than my DSLR!

Have A Picnic Outside

Whether you have a balcony, patio, or a nearby park, pack up your meal and take it outside while the weather is nice! You can still practice social distancing by scouting out less populated areas or just set up in your own backyard. Right now, getting out of the house is incredibly important, and having a meal outside is a great way to combat cabin fever! Need some new recipe ideas? Check out my Pinterest recipe board for inspiration!

Plant Some Flowers

Simple Ways To Celebrate Spring

I love flowers. The more variety and color the better! Planting a flower garden is the perfect way to celebrate Spring! You can still plant a garden while social distancing and you don’t have to go to great lengths to get supplies. An easy way to get new plants while social distancing is to order them from a local nursery for curbside pickup or delivery. You can even plant a container garden on your balcony or patio if you live in an apartment or condo! Many local nurseries are offering options to make it convenient to access plants and it’s so important right now to shop these local businesses to help keep them going! And bonus, when you’re flowers grow, you’ll have beautiful fresh flowers to decorate your home.

Bake Some Cookies

I mean, the smell of freshly baked cookies is welcome ANY time of year but there’s something about baking while the windows are open and the fresh spring air is filling the house. It’s cathartic. I love old faithful chocolate chip but my absolute favorite is lemon shortbread. Sofie and I made some this past weekend and they were divine.

Decorate with Fairy Lights

Simple Ways To Celebrate Spring

hese magical, glowing orbs will instantly calm and bring peace to your soul. Seriously I have them all over my house and I love the glow of fairy lights in the evening. Add a few to some mason jars and place them around the house. I like to intertwine them with fake plants to add some interest to the corner of a room. These lights from Target are submersible and you get a set of 3 for under $20. You can also hang them from your patio or balcony and create a calming space outdoors. Just make sure they’re outdoor safe like these.

Light Spring Candles

Simple Ways To Celebrate Spring

Lighting candles in the evening is relaxing and mood-boosting. And I think Spring candles are just the best! Well, summer candles are pretty good too if I’m being honest. But Spring scents like fresh rain, lavender, and jasmine bring a freshness into the home and the glow of candlelight is calming and soothing. Choose your favorite scents and grab a few to place around the house. Here are a few ideas to help you find your perfect Spring candle:

These are just a few ways to celebrate Spring if you’re alone or with family! You can also check out my post “10 New Hobbies To Learn During Social Distancing” for more ideas.

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