New Year, New Me

Hello everyone and welcome to Wine & Roses! Can you believe it’s 2020?!?!? I can’t. I’m sitting here trolling the book of “Face” and saw a friend post a nugget of interesting information. In an hour or so it will be 8:20 PM…in other words (military time) that’s 20:20:20 2020. Like, what? I feel like I should open a bottle of champagne or something!
And on that note, WELCOME TO MY BLOG!
This is the first post in the new year/new decade! How cool is this right? A true new beginning. I’m sure everyone is seeing a barrage of New Years resolutions and goal setting but I wanted to start this DECADE off different. I was never good at sticking to resolutions and actually heard that if you vocalize them you’re less likely to achieve them. Something to do with your brain thinking you’ve already completed it. So instead I thought I’d just do the things and once I achieve the goals, THEN I’ll share them.
There is ONE thing I want to share today and it’s something I’ve al’ve already started…BLOGGING. I miss writing and I have started blogs in the past but never really stuck with it. I believe that’s because I didn’t find my niche. But now I have some GREAT ideas and some fun content planned. So what are you getting yourself into here at Wine & Roses?
 Well, let’s first address the name. It’s simple really. I LOVE wine and my daughter and I share the middle name “Rose”. Next, you’re probably thinking, “what the hell is this blog about and why should I subscribe”?
My goal for Wine & Roses is to create a platform where I test out new things and share my thoughts and experiences with you. So maybe one week I’ll try a new recipe and then share photos and commentary about what my family and I thought of it; then the next week I try out a new foundation and share how my testing went. You follow? I’ll sprinkle some other fun bits here and there too and there will be a Diary section where I share candid, in the moment feelings and thoughts about whatever is going on. I want this to be interactive where you, the reader, can participate and get in on the conversations.
Wine & Roses is a different type of blog where the reader has the opportunity to be a part of the fun. Sounds intriguing right? If you agree, make sure you subscribe to stay up to date on what I’m working on. I’ll be posting twice a week; Wednesday and Sunday.
I hope you’re having a great start to the new decade and I can’t wait to talk to you again soon.

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