How To Create Foil (Or Patterned) Text In Photoshop – EASY!

Creating beautiful foil text in photoshop is so easy you’ll wonder why you never did it before! I use Canva for most of my graphics but they don’t have a feature for creating patterned text. So I use Photoshop to do that in less than five minutes and today I’m going to show you how to create foil (or patterned) text in photoshop!

When I was working on my blog header, I knew I wanted foil lettering because I wanted it to be special. As I said, Canva doesn’t have a feature to add patterns to text so I used Photoshop to create the effect I was looking for.

What You Will Need

How To Create Text In Photoshop

Start by downloading the pattern or texture you want to add to your image. I use all the time for graphics because you can get royalty-free images and textures that are of great quality. But you can also check out Etsy and Creative Market for more, paid options. There are some really creative people out there!

Once you’ve selected and downloaded your texture, open up Photoshop.

Click “create new” to open an artboard to work on. I select Web Most Common but you can create whatever dimensions you like. To the right, under preset options, choose what type or color background you want your text to have. Personally, I like it to be transparent so I can use it in whatever application I want and I don’t have to deal with a background.

From here, you will see a checkered board that you can work on. Select the Text tool from the left menu bar (it looks like the letter “T”). At the top of the page you can select the font you want to use and the size of the characters, so select something that’s easy to read. For this example I used Adobe Caslon Pro at 250pt. Now you can click anywhere inside the artboard and type the text you want to use.

From here select File, and then click Place Embedded. You will now be able to choose your pattern/texture file. When it imports it should look something like this:

Make sure the texture covers your text completely. Right click on your new texture layer in the bottom right corner and a new menu will appear. Here you will click “create clipping mask” and VOILA! You should have your patterned text!

All you need to do is export it to the file where you’d like to keep it. Choose File, then Export, and select the options for how you’d like to save it. I like to save my text as a .png file. Here are a couple more examples I made using other patterns just for fun!

Ocean Text
Rainbow Marble text!!!! LOVE THIS!

I hope you found my tutorial on how to create foil (or patterned) text in photoshop helpful! If you’d like to see more Photoshop tutorials let me know. This isn’t something I normally share on the blog but I thought it might help someone out!

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