April Favorites – 2020

April favorites 2020

Happy Thursday, friends! It’s the end of April which means time for April Favorites! I’ve gathered together a list of the things that made this month a little more enjoyable. I can’t believe that it’s almost May already, where the flock is the time going??? Anyway, let me know if you’ve tried anything on my list and what your favorites were this month! I need some new things to try in May!

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  1. The Killer Tea Podcast – If you love true crime but are also interested in the psychology of the crimes, then you will LOVE The Killer Tea Podcast. Kristina and Chelsee are fun to listen to and provide a lot of facts about the cases! Another thing I love is that there isn’t a ton of pointless banter, rather they discuss the topics and share insight and humor to keep things as light as possible. I HIGHLY recommend you check them out on whatever platform you use to listen to podcasts. WARNING: They use a lot of colorful language and the topics can be intense so listener discretion is advised.
  2. I’ve been slathering on my homemade cuticle oil every day and I’ve noticed such a huge difference in the way my nails look. Washing your hands 15,000 times a day is drying so you have to get that moisture back. My cuticle oil is easy to make and you can customize it with whatever essential oils you love!
  3. These bras from Spanx are so ridiculously comfortable I had to buy 3 more! I hate bras and if I wasn’t so huge busted I wouldn’t wear them. But with these, I forget I’m even wearing a bra and that is something special! OF COURSE, I grabbed the cheetah print…DUH!
  4. I watch a lot of YouTube! The two channels I’ve been binging this month are Nail Career Education and Kendall Rae. I used to do my own nails and got away from it because…life. I missed doing them so much! So this pandemic has made me really want to learn how to do my own acrylic and gel nails and Susie of Nail Career Education is a GREAT teacher! She features educational videos and lots of creative nail designs. She’s also very soothing to listen to. Second, if you know me, you know I love true crime stories. Kendall Rae shares insight on famous and infamous true crimes. She’s a joy to listen to and you can tell she’s really done her research. I enjoy her stories because they’re not super long so you can watch a video while waiting for your coffee to brew. β˜•οΈ
  5. My Butterfly Pajamas – Since working from home, I’ve literally been living in loungewear. These pajamas from Wal-Mart are so soft and comfy and they’re absolutely adorable. I even wear them to go get the mail, I don’t care they’re CUTE! The butterfly are almost sold out but these are similar and I’m ordering them right now!
  6. Isle of Paradise Tanner (Medium) – I have really been enjoying using this Self-Tanner. There is a learning curve because you can add too much of the drops and come out looking like an Oompa Loompa. But once you figure out the ratio of drops to moisturizer, you get amazing color!
  7. Samsung Galaxy Watch 42MM Rose Gold – I’m an android girl and I love my Samsung Note. When I was looking for a Smartwatch to go with, I turned again to Samsung and I am so pleased I did. I adore my watch. It’s comfortable and classic. I’ve never been a fan of “that other smartwatch”, I think it looks too modern. The Samsung Galaxy Watch has tons of great features and is stylish to boot. Plus it’s doing a great job of reminding me to get up and move around every hour!
  8. Joe’s The Charlie Exposed Button High Waist Jeans – If you’re looking for a nice fitting pair of white jeans you have to check out this pair from Joe’s. I love the button front and they’re very comfortable with just the right amount of stretch. I’m also a big fan of the raw edge around the ankle! They’re on sale right now too!
  9. These Steve Madden sandals are going to be the sandals of the season! I love the studded look with the gladiator style and they’re very comfortable. Now I just need to be able to get out and wear them!
  10. YSL The Shock Mascara – This mascara has changed everything for me. If you truly want long, full, voluminous lashes, you have to try this! I can get away with one coat during the day and for the evening I put on three to get the appearance of falsies. It’s not the cheapest mascara but it’s so worth it!

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