10 Things That Bring Me Joy and Peace

Joy and Peace

In light of how “heavy” my last post was (Let’s Talk About Anxiety), I thought I’d lighten up the tone a little bit. I came up with 10 things that bring me joy and peace. This has actually been a therapeutic exercise for me because it helped me to focus more on improving my mental state. Maybe you will find one or two of these things helpful and if you have any suggestions, share them below!

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Ok, let’s get started!

My Family and Friends

Honestly without this crazy gang, I think I’d have given up a long time ago. I can always count on family and friends to lift me up. You may not want to “burden” your family or friends with your problems and believe me, I am the same way; but TRUST me when I tell you that they WANT you to rely on them and help you through it.

My Fur Babe

joy and peace

This nugget of love is my bestie and truly fills the joy and peace bucket. Her name is Penelope Irene Miranda (we call her Penny) and she is the most loyal, sweetest, goofiest kid I know. Whenever I’m sad, or not feeling well I can always count on her to make me happy. She also has this sense of when I’m physically ill and is especially snuggly around those times. She even has her own Instagram account if you’re interested! @Penelope_Irene_Miranda


joy and peace

There’s something calming about caring for plants and it’s so rewarding to watch them grow. Don’t judge, but sometimes I even talk to them. NO, they do not talk back but they sure do make me happy!

Vinyl Records

joy and peace

Recently I’ve cracked open my record player and vinyl records and started listening to them when I’m working around the house and no one is home. Some of my favorite things to listen to are Adele and during Christmas time I had on Bing Crosby. Currently, I’m on the hunt for vintage records from Metallica, Nirvana and Guns N Roses.

Face Masks

joy and peace

Some people use masks solely to cleanse and improve the texture of their skin, but I LOVE to apply a face mask in the evening, grab a glass of wine (See #7 below), and just chill with some good YouTube. My favorite mask at the moment is the Neutrogena Deep Clean Purifying Clay Mask. It’s super refreshing and helps reduce my giant, crater pores. Incidentally if you’d like to know what my favorite YouTube channels are let me know in the comments below.


joy and peace

Yes, wine bring me joy and peace. Enough said…I mean it’s WINE, right? Doesn’t everyone get super excited when that glass is being filled? No, just me? Cool.


joy and peace

Reading before bed is a great way to unwind and get your mind and body ready to take a break. Currently I’m switching between these three books because I can’t sit and just read ONE BOOK like a normal human. First is In His Image by Jen Wilkin to help me on my spiritual path; then #Futureboards by Sarah Centrella to help me get my manifesting game on point; and finally Wild at Home: How to Style and Care For Beautiful Plants by Hilton Carter which is one of my favorite books about caring for, and decorating with plants!


joy and peace

Cooookkkieeesss….coming soon to this blog I’m going to be sharing some of my favorite cookie recipes, but my GO TO cookies when I need a little pick me up are good old-fashioned chocolate chip. What’s your favorite?


joy and peace

I wasn’t always a HUGE fan of nature, but this past year we started going to the lake to hike and take our kids fishing and, let me just tell you, it’s SO RELAXING. I love being out there in the trees and breathing the fresh air; it truly cleanses the soul. I am so ready for spring so we can hit the trails again!


joy and peace

We all know that physical activity is beneficial for the body, but for me the combination of meditation and yoga has been, dare I say, a LIFESAVER. Learning to settle my brain is a challenge but with the help of YouTube and the Calm app, I’ve been able to work on centering my mind and body a little bit better.

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