10 Amazing Things You Need In Your Life: February 2020

February is almost over. Let that sink in. Did January not drag on for what felt like years? It did for me! Anyway, the end of the month means it’s time for 10 Amazing Things You Can’t Live Without – February 2020 edition! Be sure to check out my January favorites too!

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When I reviewed my list of favorites this month I noticed a theme for February: COZY! Nothing is better than snuggling under a soft, warm blanket with a good book or a fun blog to read. This month I have some fabulous comfort inducing favorites that you will definitely want to have in your life!


  1. The Downtown Aly – SUPER fun blog featuring great Amazon deals, QVC deals, funny videos and more. Make sure to also follow her on Instagram @thedowntownaly!
  2. Girl Scout Cookies – I’m having a love/hate relationship here. Currently, loving Lemon-Ups which I understand are new and different than Lemonades? Either way, they’re delicious and go grab some while you can!
  3. These sheets! I’m on my third set of Northern Nights 100% Cotton 700TC Wrinkle Defense Sheets. I have Seaglass, Taupe, and White. I also have a black dog so I used the white once.
  4. I’ve been enjoying this book: Super Attractor by Gabrielle Bernstein. It’s a self-help book that focuses on helping you manifest the life you desire. I listen to it on Audible because I can “read” at work, when I’m doing dishes, or when I’m going for an evening walk. Sometimes, I’ll lay in bed and listen for about 30 minutes to help me wind down. If you don’t have an Audible membership, click here for a 30 Day FREE TRIAL.
  5. Meal Planning – Since I started meal planning this month, I’ve saved SO MUCH money on groceries. I tend to go to the store and aimlessly shop for things that “look good” rather than plan out meals and only buy the things we need. Meal planning allows me to be thoughtful about what I’m buying which brings me to #6.
  6. Grocery Delivery. The best invention EVER! I’ve used Instacart and Shipt and both are great. They charge fees but the time saved and convenience is worth it. I don’t use it all the time because it is more expensive than going to the store yourself, but it was a lifesaver when everyone in the house was sick!
  7. On YouTube, I’ve been watching Kara & Nate and now have the travel bug. I have no intention of leaving the country anytime soon (thanks Coronavirus), but I can live vicariously through them. To be fair, I started watching them a while ago but I didn’t get to talk about their channel last month. They started a journey four years ago to visit 100 countries and…well I won’t spoil it. You definitely want to start from the beginning of their journey and follow all the way through.
  8. Disney+. As soon as I heard Disney+ had launched I signed up and I am SO glad I did. As a Marvel junkie and can watch (and re-watch) all of my favorite Marvel movies. (I’m looking at you Thor: Ragnarok).
  9. This fragranceAerin Waterlily Sun is a beautiful, light, floral scent; not overpowering at all and very feminine! Safe to say it’s become my signature fragrance. Notes: Sicilian Bergamot, Jasmine Sambac.
  10. Pinterest. Pinterest is my go-to source for recipes, decorating inspiration and blogging ideas. If you haven’t found Pinterest yet, I HIGHLY recommend you check it out. Be sure to follow me and I’ll follow you back! I always find such great inspiration on Pinterest!

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